How do I prepare Sara eco doors and frames for painting?

According to the stipulations of the guarantee card, the frames should be degreased and then primed with the enclosed preparation. After that you should wait 24 hours.
As for the sash, for better paint adhesion, sand it down with fine-grit sandpaper and then dust it off.

Do we offer brackets for the adjustable frame in a range greater than +15 mm?

No. The additional angles offered have a maximum adjustment dimension of + 15mm.

Can interior doors be installed with foam only?

Doors shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of the warranty card.

How much can door sashes be undercut?

The door can be undercut max 60mm under warranty. However, this is not possible in every collection.

Can the door be shortened from the top?

You can't. You can shorten the door from the bottom.

Do we offer reverse rebated doors?

Yes, DRE offers doors with reverse rebate.

Do we offer doors with a thermal insulation factor?

We do not have such doors in our offer.

Are rebate-free doors universal (left/right)?

They are not. Order according to left or right opening direction.

Can the glass patterns in VETRO doors be reversed?

Yes, it is possible (the so-called AWERS AND REWERS).

Can a Vetro door be sliding?

Yes, Vetro A, B, D.

Can Vetro collections be shortened?

You can't because of the glass all the way down.

Is the door secured from underneath?

They are not protected. The only collection is Silia where there is a veneer underneath.

Can door frames be mounted "above the floor"?

The frames should be placed on the finished floor.

What frame should I use for a 130 mm thick wall?

Select one that covers the specified dimension with a range from Cmin to Cmax. In this case, from 120 to 140.

What should the threshold gap be on a standard door?

With standard sash and frame dimensions, the gap between the "finished" floor and the bottom edge of the sash is 8 mm (Folde 15 mm).

Can a steel threshold be installed on a panel construction door?

Yes, you can

Does the Spazio CD sliding system have a bumper bar?

There is no bumper bar.

Do NS or NT sliding doors have a locking option?

Yes, there is a possibility.

How do I determine the right/left side of a sliding door?

The side is determined the same way as for hinged doors.

What does a single key system mean?

Means that all locks in this set can be opened with one key.

Do the offered viewfinders (digital) have the ability to take pictures?

Yes, the DDS2 model has this capability - 50 images.

What is the difference between Enter and Solid?

Solid has a slat lock and anti-burglary bolts.

Can glossy doors be produced in the SK standard?

Yes, there is a possibility.

Can painted doors be painted in RAL?

The door can be ordered in the offered colors - 4 colors.

Do our doors fit old door frames?

This is likely, but the location of the individual components (hinges, striker plate), the passage light and the size of the rim must be measured.

Can glass doors be sliding?

Yes, they can be sliding - SPAZIO TP or TO.

Do Enters on OR have a sound insulation factor?

They do. The ratio is 32 dB.

What is the difference between OR and ORC frames?

ORC frames are used for all-glass doors.

Do we have "overlay" frames on existing frames?

We do not have these available.

What does a savings lock mean?

The choice of this solution results in milling of the hole only for the handle without the option of locking.

What is the thickness of the fascia ties and adjustable frame angles?

16 mm.

What is the difference between a rebated and a nonrebated sash?

Doors without rebates do not have rebates. In case of closed doors the hinges are hidden.
rebated doors have rebates and visible hinges.

Why can't extensions be shortened?

Because of the scantling at the bottom of the door.


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