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About the model

Types of leaves

Rebated leaf

Straight edge                                             
2 silver-colored screw-in hinges
bolt lock for regular key, bathroom lock, patent insert or economy lock

Door leaf without rebate

Non-rebated edge
Sockets for 2 recessed Estetic 80 hinges (the hinges are a part of the frame)
Magnetic lock for regular key, bathroom lock, patent insert or economy lock

Sliding leaf

The DRE wall sliding system is designed for single or double-leaf interior doors in the sliding variant.
It can be used for doors in our offer, in the following finishes: DRE-Cell, 3D foil, CPL laminates, natural veneers, as well as painted doors
We offer two types of sliding systems:
NS - system mounted directly on the wall
NT - system mounted with the use of an adjustable tunnel

Colours available

Available in 4 colours

4 Painted
Model Binito 20 w liczbach

Technical data

In standard

  • softwood frame
  • honeycomb filling
  • Leaf painted with acrylic UV lacquer

Paid options

Free options

  • ventilation sleeves
  • the third hinge for the rebate leaf

Door dimensions



    60′ 644mm 618mm
    70′ 744mm 718mm
    80′ 844mm 818mm
    90′ 944mm 918mm
    100′ 1044mm 1018mm


    • S - total width of the leaf
    • SW - width in the rebate (applies to rebated leaves)

Special features

Plate construction

Drzwi w konstrukcji płytowej, rama z płyty MDF ukryta wewnątrz konstrukcji. Wytrzymałe wypełnienie, wzmocnienia pod zawiasy i zamek.

Painted door

Doors painted with water-based varnish, which is then hardened using UV technology. Environmentally friendly, aesthetic and resistant to dirt.


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